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COOXUPÉ began its activities in grading, quality control and commercialization back in 1957. After achieving consistency of its standards and considerable volume of production,in 1984 the board of Directors decided to open an Export Department in Santos staffed with experienced professionals.

Direct exports by COOXUPÉ reached 1.8 million bags in 2010, achieving first place among Brazil’s coffee exporters and the largest exporter of Arabica coffees.

Today, COOXUPÉ is the largest private coffee cooperative in the world with 12.000 members with farms in the prime growing areas of Minas Gerais and São Paulo, producing Brazil’s finest Arabica coffees.

With its main operational and warehousing facilities in Guaxupé, South of Minas, and Monte Carmelo, “Cerrado Mineiro”, Cooxupe also has a network of warehouses, branch agencies and reception stations positioned throughout the growing regions. These installations have a capacity to receive each crop up to 5 million bags ( 60 kg) for export and local sales.

In 2008, COOXUPÉ inaugurated a new coffee analysis laboratory in Guaxupé with the latest technical and informational advances to classify and manage their present and future coffee capacity. A computerized bar-code system was introduced to enable Coop members to know the quality and track the preparation and destination of their coffees from time of delivery to export or local sale.

The increasing importance of specialty coffees in world markets was also noted by COOXUPÉ’s Directors and a Specialty Coffee Department was formed to follow the growth of Gourmet quality coffees.

Also noting the trend among some export clients for the economy of receiving shipments in bulk,COOXUPÉ is building a new warehouse in Guaxupé with a large capacity and all the special facilities needed for processing bulk shipments.

Nowadays, out of our 12.000 members,  43% are already participating in sustainable programs, where the high quality, the care with the environment and the respect for social aspects are paramount. All these programs have full traceability, giving our customers transparency and reliability towards final consumer.

An important function of the Cooperative since its early days, besides arranging financial help, was to provide agricultural assistance to members. Soil analysis is provided by professional agronomists who also instruct on latest planting methods, tree varieties and pest controls. The Cooperative also has available credit facilities, the latest inputs and products to increase productivity and improve quality. These activities are centered at the cooperative Headquarters in Guaxupé but are also available at their branch agencies and by internet services at their nucleus stations.

The inauguration of our new warehouse Japy will be on 25th March, 2011 at 2pm.